Iron Chef Sakai won the Wild Pig Battle!!!

Sitting in the living room, watching the Iron Chef marathon. Charlie is sitting on the sofa across from me, giving me a strange stare. I think that he still doesn’t know what to make of me. Mom is on the phone chatting with her friend, a blend of Korean and American.
Anyway flying out at 3:30ish; be back in Sac around 5pm. Hopefully, traffic won’t be bad. Might stay @ Mew’s again, but I think that I want to get home. Have nagging feeling that the door.
Thinking of getting family computer for Xmas. HAve to think about it.
Actually casing my parents house, looking to see what I could take for when I move out. **sigh** Sad, ain’t it. I’m just worried about all the stuff that I will have to buy to furnish the place. I guess I should worry about getting a place first, eh.
O.K. I need to take a shower and get ready to go
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