Took some pictures of the

Took some pictures of the newest members of the family, Charlie and Minx. Charlie is the dog and the Minx is the new cat. Has always, my mother spoils the animals with human food and victoria secret baths. **roll my eyes** Supposity, Blackie is still around also, but is nowhere to be found right now. I’ll have pics up later, I guess.
Was suppose to be working on mini paper for other class, but decided that I needed a break and will work on it when I get back.
Getting Dad a DVD player, got Eric a new Hard Drivve. Mom wants moisenite earings (immitation diamonds, but better quality than CZ. Most jewelers can’t tell the difference), a leather jacket with fur trim, an animal calender, and a web page for Charlie. God, I love my mom.
It’s a blessing that Eric got cable instead of dialup. Anyway, it cold down here. Think I will go up and wait for Eric to come home.
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