Rainy Day Musings

Working off of 4 hours of sleep. Haven’t done that in a while. Got the paper done thought.
My room has exploded, there is no other way to describe it. It looks like all hell has broken out. If the condition of my room is a reflection of my life, then I am in serious trouble. There are clothers strewn all over the room, papers and textbooks scathered around. The bed is split in half and there are half packed boxes everywhere. Apocolypse at its worse.
Need to pack for Seattle, which shouldn’t be too hard since I’m only staying a night. Still need to get the book for the paper due next week. I think that I will skip Reina’s and get the textbook later. Still need to goto library and see if they have a copy of Farewell To Manzanar. The bookstore didn’t have a copy.
And with all of the stuff that I need to do, I also need to get to Sac and to Mew’s. Flying out of Sac tomorrow and with the slight rain that we have, traffic will be even more horrible (You know that Californians lose 10-30 IQ points while driving in the rain or snow)
It was such a bad idea to go back to back with the coffee. Had a frappuchino last night and one this morning. Knew I should have went to Jamba Juice. The thing with this new Statbucks is that it’s new and the staff is new and happy, but they still learning to make the drinks. The caramel one that I had last night had WAY too much caramel. And I swear that there are coffee grains in my brownie frap.
The shining point of this day has to be the letter that I got in the mail. Dental coverage; YAY!!!!!! I can get my teeth checked now. It has been a LONG TIME since I’ve been to the dentist. Taking bets on how bad my teeth are. I’m going with 8 cavities and a double root canal. Ouch!!! Now I just need Kaiser to come in and I can get a chack up and maye see a shrink to get the good pills.
Will def. have to start looking for a new place when I get back. Hoping to find a room betweeen $500-$800. Staying away from sharing a room, but will if I have too. More than $800, I might as well get a studio or a 1 bedroom for myself. That price range will be $800-$1200.
And then the fact that I will have to goback to AOL for awhile. Ugh…**shudder** **sigh** I guess it can’t be helped. Hopefully, I can find a place with cable or DSL. But high speed internet will have to wait until I get the necessities out the way. So much stuff to buy; I need a bedroom set, kitchen set, etc, etc.
Wish that Suzanne lived in the city or somewhere closer than Antioch. When we had dinner last Friday, it was very comfortable cooking in the kitchen with her. i know that I’ve bitched t her about how messy she is. I can’t really talk since I am getting messier that I used to be (although no where near as messy as she can be). But it felt really good cooking with her that Friday, and I wish that we could do that more often. I wish that I could sit and watch her play Tetris (it’s very hypnotising watching her play) or to lay in bed reading our novels while Nacho attacks out toes, or to sit on the couch with my mink blanket around us as we switch between Will & Grace and WWF Smackdown!
**le sigh**
First things first, I guess
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