OK, I swear that I

OK, I swear that I will not mix Midori and Fruitopia again. I always get gassy after drinking it.
Just finish watching some Evangelionof KTEH. I still am not sure of the whole story behind this anime, party cause I’ve watched it in bits and pieces; partly cause it has a very confusing storyline. But it’s nowhere near as confusing as Lainwas. Still, I should be back from Seattle in time to catch the last episodes on TV next Sunday.
**burp** Trying to expell all of the gas that is inside me. OMG Cowboy Bebop Box Set. I think that I have found my Xmas gift to myself if nobody else gets it for me.
Well, I have all the light on in the room, trying to brighten the gloom that is my room. I’ve taken an extra vitamin and an extra St. John Wort even though that they won’t instantly help my mood. **sigh** No go though.
Hmm the room is already starting to get a little messy. Maybe some cleaning will help me cheer up. Or and if this mysterious IM would come back online. WHo the hell is “Nalfeshne” I really need to clean my buddy lists.
I wish I could stab myself and let the gas flow out of my body.
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