Had a thought of staying

Had a thought of staying up late enough to go down Hwy 1 between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay to go see the meteor shower if it wasn’t too foggy. Afterwards or maybe before hit Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts. Anyway, that plan lasted all of 5min before I fell asleep.
I woke up this morning to the sounds of Matt making love to his woman, Usually I am either indifferent or annoyed when I hear them doing it. There was one time that Justin and I were out in the living room watching South Park (I believe it was the shit episode) and they were just going at it. We stayed long enough to finish the episode before we fled into our room.
Anyway, I sat in bed and listened to them and it was just the most beautiful sound I’ve heard. Afterwards, listening to them take a shower, chatting away about everything, something just broke inside of me and I started crying. It was like I was witness to something special. Or maybe it just brought back memories that I haven’t had in a short while. Maybe I just need to cut back on the estrogen shots.
**sigh** Anyway, the one good thing about sleeping last night that I dreamt the last part of my paper, so I will be spending the day finishing that project up (This is the 8-10 pg paper that’s way overdue, not the 15-20 that I’ve barely started.)
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