When to laundry mat and

When to laundry mat and got blankets washed and dried. Smell so clean now.
Also stopped by Baskin Robbins to pick up a shake. God I love newbies and their huge scoops. I wish I was in the mood for a sundae. Oh well.
Room is mostly cleaned up, so I decided to watch Snow Falling On Cedars. I watched the trailer and the behind the scenes chapters and almost started crying. I think that the movie is too emotional for me to watch. I feel all of these forgotten memories start to surface up and they are memories that don’t need to be brought to light at this time. So I am going to return the movie without watching it and maybe read the book first.
In the meanwhile, since Suzannestill has my Escaflowne collection, I am watching Record of the Lodoss War while organizing my notes and stuff for my classes.
I would like to go out to Berryessa or somewhere to watch the meteor shower tonight, but I don’t want to do it alone. Besides, I should get an early start on work tomorrow.
Current mood: sad
Current music: Record of the Lodoss War

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