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Yesterday’s conference with my professor went well. Not getting kicked out of the class and he thinks that I can still pull the paper out of my ass. We’ll see.
Drove up to Antioch to cook dinner for Suzanne which consisted of Peppered Sirloin Steak, Garden Stuffed Baked Potatoes, and Cheesy Garlic Bread. Just for the record, I could have made the dinner all by myself. But I’m glad that Suzanne helped out cause we were both hungry and it would have been longer if I would have done it by myself. I have pictures of the whole ordeal. I’ll try to put some of them up later.
So we had dinner and watched her Dave Matthews DVD and then spent tortured her cat Nacho, by taking lots of pictures of her. Def. some icon stuff in this batch. After that I came home, pretty mellow night for me.
This morning I finally broke down and bought PowerDVD. Tech., I don’t need to be watching any DVD’s with all of the stuff going on. But I like playing Madonna when I clean the house, and besides I’m tired of ATI dragging it’s feet on making a DVD player.
So the game plan today is to clean the house. My bathroom is a mess and I’m kinda ashamed that I’ve let it get to the level of nastiness that it’s it. Depression will do that to you, I guess. Also going to clean the room, the sheets and blankets need to be washed. Will have to take a trip to the laundromat for that to use the high capacity washers. And I have a pile of paperwork in my room that I need to sort a put away. Also should think about groceries, but since I’m going away for Thanksgiving, I think that I’ll wait until I come back.
And then there is the move. I’ve kinda started looking at the want ads for roommates and apartments for rent, but haven’t done any phone calling or anything like that. When I get back, I’ll put an effort into it.
O.k. Got cleaning to do…
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