Well, I survived class tonight

Well, I survived class tonight with a healthy dose of caffeine. I’ve been cutting back on caffeine lately, but I think that I will change that way of thinking. Caffeine might just be the wonder drug I’ve been looking for; at least until next month when I get full health coverage and get the good stuff. Anyway, got more of my paper done and think that I am going to stay up a bit to work on it some more.
There is a lady in my class tonight that is also in my Monday night history class (the class with the papers that I’ve been bitching about). She totally feels the same way that I feel about school, in how we are so tired of school and don’t care if we graduate or not. She’s behind on her papers too. That gives me hope that I might actually pass the class. I got back the midterm for this class and even though it was 2 weeks late and I didn’t completely answer the question, I got a B. So I figure that if I hand in the paper tomorrow and convince the teacher that I have been reading the textbooks and know about the issues of the 1960’s then I will get a decent grade on this late paper; that would be a C or a D considering that the paper is 2.5 weeks late.
What else is going on? Need to find the recipes for the dinner that I am going to cook for Suzanne tomorrow. There is a nagging feeling that I should have planned better for this and maybe did a practice run. Oh well, if it comes out bad, then I guess I’ll have to take her and the family out.
Am tired of waiting for my graphics card company (ATI, I have a Raedon) to come out with a DVD player so that I can watch movies. So I think that I am going to buy PowerDVD. Wondering if I should download or buy a box copy? Even though it will cost a bit more, I think that I will buy a box. I got the high speed going on, but I’m afraid that something will happen. I tried to download Norton AV a long time ago and it sucked so bad. I had to call Customer Service and have them ship me a copy.
Been downloading wallpaper a lot lately for some reason. Mostly anime stuff.what would be cool if I scanned all of my Rolling Stone Covers and used them as a wallpaper or even better as a screen saver. Have to think about that.
Windows XP is still working fine for me. I just wished that I the MS Phone would have worked for it, I think that I will try to dump the phone on either my brother or my parents when I go up for Thanksgiving or X-mas. Or maybe I can sell it on EBay.
O. K. Caffeine is slowly wearing off. Need to get some typing done before I goto sleep.
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