Damn, looks like Livejournal was

Damn, looks like Livejournal was out for most of the day. Not too much to catch up on…
Well, while livejournal was down, I went car shopping. Found a nice Toyota Celiac for 19,000. But they wanted $3000 down and payment of $575. OUCH!!!!! Well, I almost cried once I got out of the dealership. I knew my credit was bad, but not that bad. I was expecting something like $450 a month maybe. **sigh** Well, I am still planning on meeting Suzanne and going to Saturn. But am unsure what I can get with my credit. Will def. have to cut back on what I can get. I might just pass and lug the Metro in for a new engine and shock and fix the glass and the back taillight that April busted. 😛
After that traumatic experience, I picked up some Ben and Jerry’s and holed myself in my room feeling self pity. Later, I got enough energy to study a little for my midterm tonight and headed to the mall with Mary to catch up on stuff. **sigh** So much bookstore drama going on that I don’t know about. So glad that I’m away from it all. The midterm went pretty well; almost filled up a whole bluebook. I spent too much time on the first question and I brought the wrong binder, so I had no lecture notes. So I had to use the reader and another book for my quotes. But I still think that I will get a good grade, I’m thinking a B for sure.
Now if I can only get enough motivation to finish all of the other stuff that I’m behind in…
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