So looking at the syllabus

So looking at the syllabus for tonight, it seems that I have a 8-10 page due today. I’m hoping that it got pushed back until next week and then our bibliography got pushed back another week. Here’s a toast to hoping.
**sigh** It’s not like I’m not doing the reading for these classes. I’ve actually read most of my books at least twice. I hve no problem reading the shit and I actually finding it fascinating. I just hate trying to put my own ideas about the stuff on paper. And there is so much that I need to put on paper.
Hist 642
15-20 page paper/project – 2 pages done, few sources collected
8-10 page historiographical essay on the 60’s – 0 pages done (eep!)
bibliography for said 15-20 page paper – hah!
AAS 310
Midterm tomorrow. Just need to explain why white people are the cause of suffering for all of the other races in history, in this case the Chinese (You think that I’m kidding; he has all but written it on the board. He actually made a chart about it, I wish that I would have copied it down)
Anth 569
Dropped it. Actually I’m withdrawing out of it, but it looks like I have to get the teacher and the dean to sign paperwork on it. Hopefully, it won’t be too difficult to do
Hist 469
5 page midterm – 3 pages and DRAGGING…..oy vey is it Dragging
5 page book review on Children Book (Laurence Yep/Dragonwings) – Need to find the book and read it)
So that is the state of my academic progress for my last semester in college. Not looking pretty folks. **sigh** I wish that they could bottle inspiration, dedication, or maybe an anti-procrastination pill. I could def. use an antidepressant. I guess I should start back on the St. John Wort. Poop.
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