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Here at work; in the physical sense anyway. My mind is back home still sleeping. Didn’t get much sleep last night, even taking the Nyquil, which is wierd. Anyhow, news in is that there will be spending cuts at the store. Nothing to worry about here at the warehouse. since I’ve already cut back my hours for school. The guys might be hurting if they continue to refuse to work; I’ll def. have to cut back their hours. But I honestly don’t think anything will happen to us here. The biggest expense is probably the van, which is $50 a week for gas. I guess we can cut that back by limiting the number of trips to the store.
I have a pretty packed weekend. I have to goto both the school library and the public libray downtown. I also promised to take Daniel and Reina to Ikea in the van so that they can buy furniture. And then Suzanne’s Dad is here, so I have to recuse her on Friday and Sunday.
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