O.K. So I know one

O.K. So I know one of the things that is bugging my. Looking for a place to live. I picked up a Rental Guide last night, but didn’t really get a chance to look at it until today. Apartments are SO EXPENSIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO. Most of the places start at $1250 in this thing; and that’s for a studio, not a one bedroom. There are some places that are $1000, and then if I could find some people and get a 2-3 bedroom, then the price would go down to $800-$900. Doesn’t include credit checks and deposits, etc, etc. **sigh** And the car situation. i went to a site to see about car financing. I am thinkiing that I will have to choose either one or the other; Either a nice 1bdr apt. and keep the 10 yr old Metro or get a new car and share a small room with three other people in the ghetto.
**Starts looking for that winning lottery ticket**
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