That sucking sound is…

My Metro sucking $800+ out of me for repairs. I swear the next time that car breaks down, I am just going to roll it to the nearest recycling center and get my money for all of the alluminum on it.
**sigh** O.K. I do love my car, even though I’ve been an abusive parent to it. Well, it is fixed now, so I’ll probably hold off on a new car, and just save money so that I can put a good down payment on a new one sometime next year. Wondering if I should fix it up or not? the windshied has a huge crack in it that needs to get fixed. It could probably use a new paint job. I need a new attenna for the radio. And there is the busted tail light. Hmm. So should I spend time and money fixing those things on a car that is almost 10 years old and has almost 200,000 miles on it?
Yesterday, my computer was just beeping and whining for no reason. So I took it apart; OMG all of the fans were clogged. I spent about an hour just cleaning the damn thing out. I have it under my desk, so there isn’t really any air flow going on. I think that I will have to clean it every month or so.
The roommate situation is still a little grey. I am just not bonding with him and I’m worried that it is going to go the Quetzal route. He did something in the bathroom and their are unknown stuff in the tub. And we talked a little bit and we talked about strip clubs. I’m trying to keep the negative thoughts away, cause Casey taled with him for awhile and said that he is really cool and smart. I just haven’t seen any of that yet.
Those two innings of stickball have caught up with me today. Either that or sleeping with the window open at night is making me sore. Owwww….
O.K. lunchtime is over, back to the gridstone
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