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I have looked at the footage and a part of me still can’t believe what I’ve seen I kinda wonder if Spielberg or Lucas is behind the whole deal. If only it was just a computer scripted scene from a movie.
I’m kinda pissed off at the way that SF State handled the whole issue. All other campuses ware closed by 9am. SFSU didn’t decide until 11am to cancel classes. And they are still unsure if classes are going to be held tomorrow. It just seem like there isn’t any leadership going on.
Well, me and the guys worked at the warehouse today; we were able to get some stuff done. Also got in some games of cards and a couple of innings of stickball. Just some things to get the focus off of the events going on.
But something like this, it is hard to stray too far without coming back to the subject. I worry about the Arab community, both those who are Muslim and Christian. I worry about those who are from Pakistan and India, cause lets face it, when the vigilante groups go out, they aren’t going to tell the difference.
I worried about the next move; is this the pretext for war. Our generation is not ready for war. There was a lot of bluster, bravo, and patriotism going on, but when the subject of actually going to war and being in the military, talk changed to how fast one could get to Canada, and if there was a way to get an office job somewhere. I hate to say it, but my generation is not ready to fight a war of any kind.
I watch the leader of our country give a speech on T. V., and I really became afraid. I was actually looking for something much more firmer and comforting than the dribble that Bush read off of a teleprompter. **sigh** “Where are the leaders at?” Isn’t that from a song or something.
I worried about the blame that is being tossed to Middle East terrorist groups. We did the same thing when the Oklahoma bombing incident until we found out that it was some disgruntled American that killed his own countrymen.
I tired and disgusted by the media. Why have spies when you can turn on CNN to get your intelligence? And with this new incident, the networks fight each other to find the best angle of the plane crashing into the World Trade Center; experts and officials rush up to get their 15min of fame and air time to spew their “knowledge” on the subject. I wish that I could take the high road, but I was sucked into the media frenzy for most of the day too. Eventually, I changed the channel, but a disaster of this magnitude is on every channel. I eventually settled to watch it on the foreign news channels to see how they are covering it. I watched the BBC news, Telemundo news, and news programs in Vietnamese and Taiwanese. It was interesting to see the shots that they posted, although I couldn’t understand what was said.
Watching the Palestinians rejoicing in the streets was disturbing, but not surprising. I can sympathize and understand why they are celebrating. They have attacks like this every day in their country. It is sad that it took an attack of this magnitude to open our eyes to show us what they have already seen.
I do not agree with all the policies of the United States. People have this image of the US where we are the good guys and why do people hate us. Don’t we help people and other countries. The United States would never do the despicable acts that other nations do. In the U.S. history, we have invaded other countries other to claim lands that were not ours; we have cried out the virtues of freedom and democracy for all people, and then have taken those freedoms away. We have listen to countries pleading to us to help them with their struggles for democracy and just watch in silence has these nations were run over by other, more powerful nations. We have rallied against the torture of people, and in our history, we have killed people in ways akin to the Third Reich in Germany against Jews. I lived in Korea for 6 years and one of the most important lessons that I have learned is that being an American citizen does not mean that you are loved by the rest of the world.
And yet, I think that I am ready to go to war if it turns out to be the case. When I go to sporting events, I am usually one of the few people that takes their hat off or cover my heart. I am ashamed that most of the people that I know would rather leave the country than defend their country. That, I can’t understand. Although I don’t agree with everything in the U.S., I am still ready to serve and if necessary, give up my live for my country. I love my county, for all of it faults that it has. And it does have a lot of faults. I probably have help contribute to some of those wrongs. But with all that is wrong, there is so much that is right in this country and I would fight for all that is right in the U.S.
**sigh** such a rambling post, not sure if any of it makes sense, but I do feel a bit better.
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