So last night was the

So last night was the company night at the Giants game. There was suppose to be 40+ people going to the game, but only 20 showed up, which sucked, cause there was this huge thing about now inviting friends. If only half the people were going then, we should have been able to buy at least another ticket for someone else.
Anyway, it was a good time, even though the Giants lost. There was alot of drinking going on. I spent about $20-$30 on beers, hot dogs, and Krispy Kreme. Tim snuck in some coke flavored rum and this other guy snuck in two big ass bottles of gin & juice. Damn, we were so smashed.
Today, there was a planned power outage at the warehouse, so Tim and Peter got the day off. I, on the other hand, offered to help out at the bookstore. It was a cool experience to see people and to help customers, even though I hardly knew where stuff was at. Paul was impressed and all he could talk about was trying to get me to leave the warehouse and work at the store.
I also found out about my raise and I’m getting a week paid vacation. Whoohoo! I’m thinking that I might goto Washington and surprise my family for a couple of days before school starts. I guess they are worried about schedules for fall though. Next week, I’ll dig out the schedule and plan stuff out. If I remember correctly, my main class is two days a week in the afternoon. Oh well, like I said, worry about it next month.
I have been playing Half-Life like a fiend now. I think that I am almost at the end of the game. But I need to put it away so that I can get to sleep early. Friday, I HAVE to be at the warehouse at 8AM; and saturday too. I’ll def. have to goto sleep early on Thursday.
Anyway, tonight I think that I will work on scanning pictures. I want to try to get about half done tonight and I’ll work on the other half maybe Thursday or Friday.
Also need to find out when Suzanne is comming home. I had thought that she said Thursday, but she sent me an email saying Saturday, but her mom said she was comming home Sunday. Maybe I’ll just hang out at the airport all weekend long.
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