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My friend Brent is comming down from Vacaville to see me and to spend the night. Tomorrow, we are going to the Pride Parade. I really don’t have any money, so I hope that I can keep Brent entertain all day. Maybe we’ll head out either to Pacifica or maybe the Golden Gate. I’ve never walked across the bridge before, and I’m feeling a little touristy today. I would do Fisherman’s Wharf, but you got to have some money to be that kind of tourist.
Also the lottery is tonight, $132,000,000. Yowzers!!!! If you took the lump sum, it would be about $60,000,000. And if you did payments, your first payment would be for $3,300,000. **sigh** what I could do with either amount.
Decided to play Half-Life last night. OMG, I love my computer. Half-Life was good and everything on my old computer, but on my new computer, it is just even more beautiful and so fucking fast. I love it. I’m at the Blast Pit right now, which is the part that I always get stuck at. Basicly there is this monster with tenticles in this missle silo and you have to get to the top of this silo to turn the rocket on to kill it. Except that the monster is sound sensative and if you make any sounds, you die. I have never been able to climb to the top in one piece. Hmmm, maybe this time I can make it happen.
I also have more pictures to scan. There are some really cute ones of me has a child. I even have one or two of April from the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR. Damn, I didn’t realize how fucking tall Paul was. I didn’t realize that I was killing April in the picture either. I will def. have to scan it and email it to her.
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