Another summer project done. I got all the old pictures from the photo album that I borrowed scanned onto the computer. Now all I have to do is to fix them up a bit. I can do some very minor stuff like straightening and stuff, but I will need Suzanne and a copy of Photoshop for most of the pictures. I wanted to get everything done so that I could give my Dad a CD of pictures that he could take with him when he goes to the East Coast next weekend so he could show my Aunt Jackie. Not sure if it will get done in time.
More Tae-bo shinanegons after work today. No even going to bother to rant about that.
Got my evaluation back. 5’s and one 4.5. I wonder if the raise could take effect in this paycheck. I’ll probably have to wait until the next one.
I don’t know how I could spend so much money. I need to get my reciepts together and look to see where the money went. Poop.
SO what is on the agenda tonight. I am waiting for the Ice cream to soften so that I can make a shake and I’m thinking of watching DVD’s. I still haven’t see “A Few Good Men”. Actually I could watch any of my DVD’s and just watch the commentary or special features.
But then I was thinking of playing Deux Ex since I haven’t played for awhile, and it is a birthday present. I let Kurt borrow Diablo II (which probably wasn’t a good idea since the expansion comes out next week, but oh well.) and I uninstalled Anarchy Online. I wish that Doomie was still on LJ so that I could talk to him about AO. It is a piece of crap right now, and they are still going gold at the end of the month. If, by some miricle of God that they can get all the bugs worked out of it, it still is going to suck. All the stuff that I’ve read about WWII Online, I can see happening to AO.
Then there is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Repair. I read it before, but I just couldn’t get what all of my friends were getting out of it. I’ve been thinking about rereading it again to see if maybe it would be clearer to me now. It took me several times to get into Robert Cook and the Wheel of Time series. I would always get to around page 100 and then lost interest. But once I was able to get pass page 100, I was hooked.
Hmmm, what to do; what to do.
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