More crappy entries….

I hate taking St. John’s Wort. I have to take 2 pills 3 times a day. I guess it’s cause it’s so dry and I feel slighly naseus after I swallow them.
Did Tae-bo….Billy Banks sucks.
Trying to finish emails to people tonight. Just tired of relating my life to people. Read my journal, damnnit…
Someone called me on my cell, but didn’t leave a message…
Going to the Pride parade with some friends this weekend. Def. something that I couldn’t do if Suzanne was here. It ought to be fun checking everybody out and watching my friends in action.
Also need to goto Vacaville to see Barry/Gabi and their baby. Maybe I’ll stop by Mew’s to pick up my present. Wonder if April has my present too. Such a greedy bitch…
Lottery is at $120 million dollars. I’m sure Suzanne will understand if I buy some lottery tickets. Even if I only get the 5 numbers without the Mega Number, that’s still 1 million dollars. I could live with that…
Also need to ship the computer off, and pay for more phone time, and pay the cell bill, etc. etc. poop….
I wish that I would have kept at least one of the SmartCards for my digital camera instead of giving them all to Suzanne. I really want to take some pictures….
O.K. Back to emails. I’m making it sound like a chore, but it really isn’t
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Current music: Geese Ni Shouyu – Geese Howard’s Theme from Fatal Fury

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