Me and Justin are outside

Me and Justin are outside watching South Park and we start to hear this noise coming from Matt’s room. Him and his girlfriend are getting it on big time and she is screaming and moaning. Actually, I can still faintly hear her when the songs ends; I have my headphones on and am listening to my CD’s.
The only other time that something like this has happened that I can remember is back when I worked at Baskin Robbins. We were having a BR party at the Motel 6 and I fell asleep in the alcohol room (we had two adjourning rooms, one was smoking and the other was alcohol) with Chris Romo and this other girl (I want to say her name was Amy, but I can’t remember). Anyway I was in one bed and Chris and Amy were in the other. About an hour into us sleeping I am woken up by Chris and Amy going at it in there bed. They are just loud as fuck. SO I try to sneak out, but some shit locked the door to the smoke room, so I snuck back into bed and listen to them fuck for an hour. Talk about something that fuckin sucks.
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