Oh man, I need to

Oh man, I need to goto sleep….I am trying to finish my emails. I have a couple more to do, then I’m done. But I’m trying not to sound like I’ve copied and paste the same info onto each email. And then I have to think about the person and what info do they know about me and what I can discuss with them. **sigh** so complicate.
Still testing Anarchy Online. Talk about buggy, but I guess that;s why they call it a beta. But I can’t believe that they went gold on it already. I think an extra month to work things out would have been smarter. Still waiting for Shawn to download the program. It is a 600MB download (Yikes!, I know); I think that he is going to download it at work and burn it on a CD. Maybe it will be fun with him playing, but I don’t think that it will grip me like Evercrack did. **yawn**
At least I have all of my CD’s copied. Yay!
O.K. sleep time.
Current mood: tired
Current music: Phantom Of The Opera – All I Ask Of You

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