Got Anarchy Online working and

Got Anarchy Online working and was puttering around on that for awhile. I can kinda feel the urges that I had when I first played Evercrack, but they are not as strong yet. I’m waiting on Shawn to download it and get a character so that we can go adventuring together.
I wonder if Doomie got accepted for the beta?
Anyway. my girlfriend is at her other boyfriends house after flirting with one of her LJ boyfriends. **sigh** Why do I put up with it? BecauseI’m crazy in love with her. What am I going to do while she is in Europe visiting her European boyfriends. I shall wither away and die **faints** Yeah right. **get’s up** I’ll just mope around until she comes back. Anyway, the rice should be done cooking. Yum!
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