O. K. so the whole

O. K. so the whole posting the food schedule lasted all of two days. But I not too disappointed. I am being productive in a lot of other ways. There are a lot of projects and things that I wanted to get done during the semester, but couldn’t. Now that school is out, I find that I have the time to get stuff done. I am in the process of scanning pictures out of one of the old photo albums so that I can put it on disk so that the pictures can be archived and so that I can have a copy of them. I would also like to send a CD of pictures to my aunts in Virginia and in Korea since it’s been years since we have seen them. What else am I doing? I am actually getting into the whole MP3 thing, abet a little too late. But I’m converting all of my CD’s to MP3’s; actually it’s WMA (I’m such a Microsoft sellout) and I’m downloading stuff at work and then transfering it to my computer. Why don’t I just get napster? Well Matt has Napster on his laptop and he is on there ALL the time. I’m paranoid that they are going to bust him and then want to check my computer to see if I have napster loaded. I’m a freak, I know. What else, slowly making contact with people that I haven’t talked to in months via email. I don’t know, just a combination of stuff that I’m working on and am in the process of starting is making me feel better about life in general.
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