Still at work and feeling

Still at work and feeling hot and sweaty. I really need to take a shower.
I just don’t understand some people. The gift mgr. faxes over a couple of orders for crews and sweatshirts and stuff. Why?!?! We are in the middle of some of the hottest weather; does she really thing that somebody is going to buy this stuff?
Anyways spent an hour playing cards and being on the phone. It seemed that everybody was calling me. Jason called wanting everybody to meet in Anitoch to goto Mc.D’s for 39 cent hamburgers (39 cent hamburgers; can you say dinner for joe. I thought that I would have to bust out some faux Spam.) he forgets that some people work for a living. And Mew called me too; I talked to her for a bit, but I will call her tonight so we can really talk. She wanted me to go with her to Napa to see Amber. I guess Amber is putting on a show; but I will be in Tracy visiting Dan/Jen/Drake. But I will have to get to Vacaville to see Mew to get my present from her. I also need to see Barry/Gabi and their new child.
O.K. need to find a cooler place to hide and to chill for awhile.
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