It’s Here…..

Weekend so far…
Went to Amber/Rob’s with Suzanne; had a good time
Suzanne slept over for the night, I passed out
Suzanne left, but called later to invite me to BBQ cause her Dad was in town
Went to Antioch and had kick-ass chicken
Saw Shriek and got Frosty Freeze
Went to Jason’s and got MY COMPUTER!!!!!
Spent the last couple of hours fine tuning it and stuff. Everything works fine except for two things. The first is that while my computer looks pretty, it is really loud sounding. I am going to have to find a way to quiet it down a bit. The second thing is that when I play a DVD, it is choppy; it is really subtle, but you can notice it. Other than that, it works just fine and is so fast. I will take pictures sometime this week.
Now I have to hit the sack; helping Suzanne move tomorrow and there is a trip to Krispy Kreme involved. WHOOHOO!!!
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