Yay!!! The pay period ends

The pay period ends today, not yesterday. So I get an extra 4 hours on my paycheck. Any extra time I can get will help me out big time.
Jason called me and my new computer is getting closer to completion. He thinks that he will be done by Sunday. WhooHoo. It looks like him and Suzanne are going to the Egyptian museum today. I wish that I could go, but I can’t blow off this final.
Oy Vey….I was up to 2:30 studying and I think I am at the same place that I started at. I’m sure it didn’t help that I got sucked into a game of Civilization II (When will I learn that I can’t just play a 30min game; It will always drag out to at least an hour).
The good news is that I can sell my books back and get my $2 for my $50 books. **sigh** Hopefully I will get some decent money back for them.
O.K. back to work…..
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