So the school drama has

So the school drama has changed from paying rent to academic probation and disqualification. I suffer from depression and a couple of semsters ago, it hit hard, and I just kinda went into myself and just stayed home in bed for a couple of weeks. It happened during finals and needless to say, I failed all of them.
Well, my grades have been improving, but I am still on probation. What this all means is that I have to talk to 3-4 different heads of departments up to the President’s office and have them sign a paper saying that I can take classes. I thought that I was off of it this semester, but I guess I wasn’t. Well, they will see that I am still improving and they will sign the papers. The thing is that it is hard enough to find these people during the regular semester; the summer is going to be almost impossibe. **sigh** Oh well, I guess I have to do what I have to do.
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