85% on my Beijing final.

85% on my Beijing final. Whoohoo!!! Two B’s so far. Looking good. I wonder if I can even pull a B in my U.S. history. Still, as long as I get C’s in the other two classes, I’m looking pretty good.
New drama in the housing situation. I got the emergency loan and I got the financial aide increase. The problem that I forsee is that since I borrowed from the school, it’s going to show up on their system has an outstanding debt. The financial aide goes to the acct. office and they pay out any outstanding debts first and then issue a check for whatever is left. So I have to see if I can fix this tomorrow so that they don’t touch the financial aide check.
Called mom to confirm with her on the proper way to cook mondu i.e. pot stickers. Usually, I just boil them and eat them like that, but I wanted to fry them. The key is that you have to pour a little bit of water in the pan so that the skin doesn’t; get hard.
Mom also told me that my Dad went to the hospital with bladder problems. **sigh** I love my parents, but they are so old and infirm. My dad is 65; mom is only in her late 40’s, but because of the accident that she had, she has medication to take.
I know that they can still take care of themselves, but sometimes I feel like I should be doing it, except that I def. don’t have the means to take care of either one of them, never mind both of them.
I think that I am going to eat and then nap a bit before I finish my paper….
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