Well, it looks like that

Well, it looks like that I am in the clear (hopefully). I got a emergency loan for most of what I owe. There was a little financial aid that I can use and the rest I have. Hopefully I can pay them on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have to bust out thank you letter to all the people who helped me out esp. to Rob and to Bruce.
At least now I can concentrate on Finals. One thing that I do need to watch is my food. I am almost out of food. I should have enough for next week, although I might have to bust out the emergency food (Spam and Rica A Roni) I will def. need to make a list and budget myself on stuff.
Got my motherboard and CPU back. The motherboard was defective, so they replaced it. They tested the CPU on the motherboard and it’s O.K. I just need to get it to Jason. Won’t be able to do that until sometime next week and since he is graduating, I’m sure it will be sometime before he get to my computer. **sigh** I’ll have to wait a little longer.
When I made the cake the other night, I forgot to use the chocolate cherry liqueur with it. Oh well, maybe next time.
Waiting for the rice to cook so I can have some rice and soup. It will be a lean weekend for me. After I eat and shower, I think that I will take a nap and then later tonight start on my paper. I need to get it done by Monday so that I can work all day Tuesday.
Whew! I just hope that the worse with this situation is behind me.
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