Cause I’m acting like when I was a little kid and didn’t want to take a shower…..

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Jan 152 4.9
Feb 101 3.6
Mar 69 2.2
Apr 100 3.3
May (so far) 126 7
Just reading over some of the post for January, and it doesn’t look like much has changed. The major thing is that I post my horoscope now. Still not too many comments, which is cool. I’m not high on the popular scale, and I’m not really trying to. I’m just typing away with whatever is on my mind, well some of the time. If people want to comment, they should feel free too. But let’s face it, my life isn’t that exciting. That and the fact that I’m not photogenic like my girlfriend or other posters. Oh well, I’m happy where I am at LJ.
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