The other thing that happened….

On my way home on BART from Suzanne’s. I’m in the car and this guy with a bike comes in and sits down at the other end of the car. After he sits, he notices me, and he is torn between staying and leaving. But the train starts and he decides to stay.
So we are going and we get to the Oakland stops and he keeps looking at me, like this is where I’m getting off at. At first I ignore him, but then I start staring back at him. I honestly think that he was afraid of me cause I was black. It was so funny, and I was trying to look hard and ghetto at him and he was nervous and shaking and kept on drinking out of his bike bottle. When we finally got to his stop in San Francisco, I thought he was going to fly out of the car.
I guess I should be offended, but if anyone has ever met me, I am so not “black” acting. I am the least black acting guy people know. I guess it was just funny that this stupid guy was afraid of me. Anyway, that’s my BART story for the week….
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