The Freaks come out at night….

Currently at the 24hr computer lab working on my paper….
My machine is slowly starting to do the freeze thing again. Not like I was really working at home anyway. Justin was already asleep, like around 10:30 or 11pm. Well, I could have stayed at home, but I decided instead of waking Justin up, I would go to the lab to do my work. I’m amazed that I got a computer so quickly. I had thought that I would have to wait at least an hour or so before someone gave up their computers.
No bums or porn guys here; mainly students working on projects and foriegn exchange students chatting. I ran into the bastard, Balaji here. He is studying for his finals. I wish I had that kind of dedication and school ethic. The foriegn student kind where they spend all of their time studying and stuff. I kind of have a mix of that additude. Part of me has accepted an American outlook on the system in that you can kiss ass or do half ass work; or that you don’t even need a college education. But then, there is the other part of me, my korean half, that says that I should listen to my parents and that with a college education, you can get a good job and be sucessful. **poop** O.K. I have candy and 3 cans of Pepsi to keep me awake. Lets see what I can get acomplished.
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