Day Off….

No classes today; Advising Day on Campus…
Woke up at 9am after getting to bed at around 3-4am. Typed up another page to my paper and printed it out. I know that I’ll get an F on it, but I wanted to show her that I did read and that I kinda understand what’s going on so at least she thinks that I’m trying. **sigh**
So I hiked up to the Hist Dept. and found out that they weren’t doing advising until the afternoon. So I took the school shuttle to BART and went to the city to wait for Jason. I hung around the San Francisco Shopping Center; I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s on 5th and Market and it’s where Nordstroms is at.
So I hung out there for awhile, looking at all the designer stuff and just feeling really left out and out of my league. Usually I’m not like this, I can walk around like I’m king of the world. But today I just felt ghetto; that’s the only word that describes it.
Jason finally called and after playing phone tag we hooked up at the Metreon. It was Jason’s first time there and we had lunch at the Buckhorn. It was good eatings. Afterwards, we walked around and looked at all the cool Sony stuff. O. K. he looked, I mostly drooled over stuff. Afterwards we hopped on BART and I went with him most of the way to Pittsburg before I got off at Concord and headed back to the city.
I came back just in time to get an advising appointment. It looks like that I am on the way to graduating, granting that I pass my classes this semester. I won’t be able to get my minor in Asian Studies though unless I stay an extra semester….
**side note; just looking around the room and noticing that Justin has put up his posters. GoodFellas, Scar face, Swingers; and Raging Bull….or is it Taxi Driver. The one where he says, “You talkin’ to me?”. I think it’s Taxi Driver. Anyways**
So now I am home waiting for my 6pm Beijing class. **sigh** I just feel so empty right now. I feel another Depression attack coming on. If I can just hold out for two weeks and get my school shit done…..
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