Why God, Why?!?!?

Well, Jason (the guy who is building my computer) called. He thinks that either the motherboard, the processor, or the memory is defective. **sigh** So much for having a new computer this weekend. I will have to call the place I bought this stuff from and get a return authorization. I’m just going to put my expectations on hold for this thing. I am bummed, but I’ve been bummed on and off all this week, and I need to not be bummed today.
Well, that leaves me with the old Gateway to use during finals. I’m going to go ahead and reformat the drive and reinstall Windows and then Office. All I really need is a computer that can get me on the Internet and that has a word processor so that I can do my papers. If this doesn’t work, then I might have to go to computer lab hell to finish my papers. Yuck.
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