I love Babylon 5.

It’s the show that Star Trek DS9 and Voyager should have been; O. K. I thought DS9 had its moments but Voyager just sucked. I wish some computer company would grab the rights to it and put out a game based on it. If done right, it could kick ass.
So the computer froze and I decided to open it up and poke around a bit. There were some wires loose, but the biggest thing was the dust. The heat sink and the fan were just caked with dust. So I spent a good 30-45 min cleaning out as much of is as I could. I think I should take it in to get professionally cleaned though. And it didn’t help cause as soon as I booted up, it froze. I think it has to do with the IDE connectors. There are two IDE connectors and then there is one for the floppy drive. I have everything hooked up to the IDE cause my floppy is a LS-120 Superdrive (I thought it would catch on, who knew). Anyway, I wonder if I should hook up the LS-120 to the floppy connector. If I do, I think the computer will just recognize…knock at the door..
There is a party @ 303 tonight and Tim (not my old roommate, but still gay) from 601 sent the birthday girl (Jenna?) and her friend (Lauryn) up to invite everybody. I declined, but gave the birthday girl one of my kitties (one of those good luck kittens from Japan that holds the coin in their paws, I forget what they are called). I have a pair, but I broke the ear off of one, so I’ve been planning on getting a new set anyway. Well, Tim also came up to invite us. I think he has a crush on Matt, cause when I see him in the elevator, he is always talking to me about Matt, trying to get info. I can kinda understand, cause Matt does give off blips on the Gaydar, even though he is homophobic gay. But Matt said that he has a crush on me; I think that Matt’s the object of Tim’s desire.
I’m not that big of a party goer; I am mainly an antisocial person, more at home staying at home than going out. But I’ve already done the whole party thing, the whole alcohol bingeing stuff, the drug stuff. And damn, Peter is always trying to get me to go out. I’m just selective on the stuff that I go to. I have shown up to parties and people know that I can have good times with them. Hmmm, it has been awhile since I have attended anything. I should start thinking about my next appearance. But not tonight. **sigh** Since their party is a @ 303, I won’t be able to do laundry tonight. I have enough to wear tomorrow at the picnic.
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