**dazed look** Where Am I?

Well, it looks like my PMS attack is mostly over. I am still a little gassy feeling, but hopefully that wil go away as the day passes.
It is so wierd comming back to work, even though I only missed one day. Nothing has changed, but it sometimes feel like I’m at a new job or something.
I am so ready to throw my computer out the window. **sigh** I’ll have to open it up and take a look at it after work today. I’ve narrow it down to the DVD, among other things. I think I need to reinstall windows, but I think that the connector to the DVD is broken. I turned it off early last night, like at around 10:30, because I was so tired to restarting it. Usually I have it running from 8am to 1am every day.
Well, the night before, Justin stayed up all night at the computer lab working on a project for his class. So when he came home from class, I turned off my ringer on my phone so it wouldn’t wake him. He hasn’t really been able to get any sleep cause he’s had school and work. I even went to bed early so that he could sleep; which sucked cause I couldn’t get to sleep until late. And then this morning, he was sleeping all through his alarm. I almost threw his clock out the window, but he finally woke up. poop. Well, I should just get use to it cause I will have to pull a couple of all-nighter in a couple of weeks for my class.
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