**sniff, sniff** What’s Cookin’ Doc?

Smell like Matt is burning something in the kitchen. I am almost afraid to go out to see. I think that I will turn on the fan and wait for the fire alarm to go off.
A bit calmer than before. I decided to do my Aikido Final. It is a take home final and it is also fill in the blanks. Even a stupid fuck up like myself shouldn’t; be able to screw it up. At least I can say that I accomplished something.
The tears are gathering up in my eyes. Not sure if they are from my depression or The Phantom of the Opera that I’m listening to. I think it is cause of the smoke that is in my room.
I think that I’m going to clean my room. That will be a second accomplishment and might get the ball rolling for me. But then, I’m always cleaning my room, never winning, always in battle. Much like my life.
Poop, I forgot to go get a money order for my car insurance. Hmmm, I also forgot to get my lottery ticket. So much for wishing on that fallen star the other night. And I still need to move my car. I think that I will wait until midnight and then park it. If I can park it close on the street, I will. Otherwise, I think that I will pay the $2 to park in the garage.
What the hell is he burning?
Current mood: blah
Current music: The Phantom Of The Opera – Original London Cast

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