Run little mouses, the cats are back

Voice Mail from Amber this morning; apparentley Brian is worried about our productivity at the warehouse cause Peter hasn’t pick up stuff that is suppose to come out here from the store. I was just thinking about that this morning. Well, I’m not particually worrid about myself. They can come over and look at what I’ve done to the computer room, the accounting room and can kiss my ass. Still, I had better be careful, I’m trying to see if I can angle out a raise even though there is suppose to be a freeze on raises.
I am torn between waiting for UPS or going to the Deli to get food. I should wait, but I am so hungry and forgot to bring the leftover pizza that I had. I think that I am just going to go. I’m not suppose to spend money and the deli is super expensive, but I am so hungry.
Oh wait….Missy’s on the radio. I think I’ll go after I get my freak on…
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