Taking a break from studying….

Surfing through the boob tube and one thing I gotta say….
God Bless Telemundo and Spanish TV
Was Billy Banks ever in a bloodsport knockoff. I could have sworn that was him?
On the Discovery channel was a special on L. A. Police department and their war on gangs. It made me so afraid of my skin color. For the stuff that the police did to these people, handcuffing them and taking their pictures without any charges, God, I would have brought up a lawsuit with a quickness. **sigh** It is such a fucked up country that we live in.
An ad for Real TV. To the tunes of a happy little ditty, we watch real life footage of people almost dying from stuff like their bungie cord breaking or them falling out of a plane or getting gorged by a shark.
Finally a special on MSNBc about the history of Christianity. A look on how throughout the centuries, Christians have used the Book of Revelations to label evil tyrants has the Antichrist and to claim the end of the world.
Actually, I have been fading in and out on my studying. My body has just felt so listless and unenergetic. And I think that I have either lost one of the books that I’m suppose to do my paper on, or I never bought the book. I’m going to clean the room, but if I can’t find it, I’ll have to trek to Borders to see if they have a copy.
Hmmmm…..I wonder what my girlfriend is doing.
Current mood: okay
Current music: Enrique Iglasias – Bailamos

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