Lazy Sunday…..

Lounging in bed, was suppose to go to church with Jason and Suzanne,but I have limited funds. Also the Metro is acting a little weird. I put a lot of miles on in going back and forth from here to Antioch. I really need to get the oil leak fixed. Yuck.
Just finish reading Left Behind. It was an interesting read, and I will probably continue to read the series, but the whole story line kinda left me weird. First of all, it seems to be more X-File-ish than I would suspect. The second thing about it was that is was so….American Protestant. It’s just that if these are the signs of the Apocalypse and stuff, would people across the world know about it, not just this little group in Chicago. It just seemed a little contrived. I don’t know, something about the story just bothered me.
Yesterday, Suzanne’s mom took us out to The Old Spaghetti Factory for a birthday lunch. I had fettuccine Alfredo and chicken with an Italian Cream Soda. It was good time and good food. Of course later that night I felt sick, cause fettuccine Alfredo does that to me. But it wasn’t that bad of a sickness, usually my tummy is in pain and I go fetal. But last night, it was just a mild pain.
After lunch, we went back to Suzanne’s moms house and I watched her play Diablo II for a while. She can really kick butt at games; although I think that she is too cautious for my taste. Of course, I was the one that killed her elf on Evercrack5-6 times in a 5 min period. Oy Vey! I’ll never live that one down. It was bad luck, I tell you….
I also help Suzanne’s mom more this huge Oak waterbed out to the garage. I totally hate moving oak stuff cause it’s so friggin heavy. Maybe it wasn’t oak, but it was big and bulky. But if I had the skills, I think that I would want to sand and polish is and fix the bed up to use. It looked like it could be a really cool bed.
After a while, we decided to trek off. We went to Fry’s so that I could get Jason a gift certificate for building my computer. Then we went to KKD to get some doughnuts. But we didn’t get any cause I couldn’t find an ATM that would take my card. Poop! I hope my new card comes this week. I’ll have to go to Vacaville on Monday to get some money from the bank.
I was pretty bummed, but Suzanne cheered me up in the car (thanks hunny) and so we headed back to Antioch. We went over to Jason’s, where him and his dad were putting new tile in their bathroom; for 12 hours. Well Jason and his family and Suzanne went hot tubing (I just waded with my feet, I didn’t; feel like getting too wet.) Jason’s family has to be one of the most amazing families that I have seen. They are always busy, doing some major project in their house. I could only wish that I have the energy, drive or knowledge to do the stuff that they do. Jason has so much to do, that I can’t understand how he has time to work on my computer. He didn’t yesterday, but that’s understandable, with 12 hours of tiling, which looks great. Hopefully though, he’ll be able to finish it next weekend.
After hot stubbing, we trekked over to a Shell station where Jason’s friend, Janus works at. Janus looks like Allen from Escaflowne, or maybe Uyko from Samurai Shodown (If anybody even knows what I’m talking about). It was an interesting experience to say the least. I took off after that, while Suzanne spent the night at Jason’s house. (Jason is Suzanne’s best friend. Kinda like the relationship that Mew and I have, that we are good friends and we can sleep together without nothing happening.)
OH!! I forgot, Suzanne gave me my birthday presents. The first one was a Tae-Bo DVD. She’s saying that I need to loose a few pounds 😉 Actually I asked for it cause I’m going to try it. I’ve had many people swear by it, so I’m going to give it a go. The second gift was Magnetic Poetry – sequel edition; cause every college student should have magnetic poetry on their fridge. The last gift was The Chronicles of Narnia – Box Set. I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND!!!! The odd thing about the set is that the books are in chronological order, not be when they were written. So The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe is the second book, even though it was written first. I can’t wait to start reading them.
It will have to wait until after school though. I have to finish reading two books for my Reformation class so I can do a paper on them. I also have a debate to work on and the Internet paper is still looming over my head. Well, I’m taking off a couple of days, so hopefully that will be enough time to catch up.
O. K. time to poop and then start reading school work. Poop!
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