Nothing like looking at the

Nothing like looking at the old alumni pages to get me a little depressed.
Actually, I was looking at San Leandro’s pages, not Vacaville. Most of the people on there I hardly remember. But there were a few names that brought back memories **sigh**
Finally cleaned out my e-mail. When I saw that there were 501 messages in the inbox, I knew it was time to clean. Now it’s down to 10 messages and I have the filters set up also. Now I can filter out all the forwards that Rosie sends me **rolls my eyes**. Next thing to do with the email is to email people. That will happen later.
The scanner is up and working. It’s pretty quiet, which I like. And it’s not as big as I though it would be. It is still taking up too much space though. I scanned a couple of things to try it out. I’ll do some serious scanning in a couple of days.
Waiting for Suzanne to come online. I hope she is doing O. K. I have a nagging feeling that could be just gas, or something else.
I should do some more reading, but I think that I am going to clean out my Favorites list. Or should I watch a DVD? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.
Current mood: accomplished
Current music: Listening to KLLC Alice 97.3 on the radio

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