Home alone…

Well, stuck at the warehouse anyway…..
Today has been a good day at work. I’ve gotten stuff done and I haven’t spent too much time just surfing the web. I still need to clean up my mess, but it isn’t that much.
So the question came up: Why are women attracted to guys who are assholes? Thinking about myself and the loves of my life, I don’t think that I was an asshole to them when we met. Def. no assholeness with Kathy. No assholeness with April either; maybe a pinch of arrogance though. With Suzanne, there was no assholeness either; just alot of arrogance. I usually saved the assholeness for sometime after I was in a relationship and just pulled off some of the stupidest stunts ever (And I am SO SORRY, cause some of them were REALLY stupid)….
But enough about me….
Peter had this story about how he was at a bar and this guy was drunk and was calling out for pussy. About 15min later, girls started going up to him and talking to him. I think it has to do with the handsome factor; if the guy is good looking enough, then the girl can overlook the assholeness.
O.K. I need to get cleaned up so I can get outta here.
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