Sunday Night Update….

– Late Paper is finished and copy is emailed to teacher. Need to get a hard copy to teacher’s mailbox tomorrow.
– Peter is not coming in tomorrow, so I have to make deliveries. The good thing is that I can use the time to work on my rewrite for my Reformation midterm. It should be slow enough.
– The computer is working somewhat. The DVD is not responding properly. Other than that, everything is working.
– Resisting the urge to set up the scanner and the new monitor on the Gateway. I will just wait until Jason is done with the new computer. Hmmm….I never did get a time schedule of when he would put it together.
– Resist urge to hound Jason about my computer.
– In process of cleaning up room. Still need to clean the bathroom and the kitchen. Wonder if the roommate will clean it. (HA)
– Need to tell girlfriend that I love her. (Hugs/Kisses)
Basicly the biggest obstacle in my life is school. I have a 10+ page essay that I REALLY NEED to start working on. I also have a debate that I have to get ready for that I haven’t even discussed or read with my partner. I also have a report that I need to do for my Beijing class that I haven’t done casue I always show up late for class and we end up watching a 4 hr movie. I am almost tempted to stay awake and to start working on the rewrite, but I think that I should clean my room and go to sleep early tonight. **sigh** Sometimes I feel that I have so much to do, and yet to most people it is just a pittance and it’s just my procrastination. But I still feel overwhelm, regardless if it is my fault or not. I feel overwhelm anyway.
Poop….Oh wait, I just did.
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