Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha……………..

Asus A7A266 DDR SDRAM Socket A ATX AGP Motherboard
AMD Althon K7 -1.2GHz Socket A CPU
IBM DeskStar 75GXP 60GB ATA/100 Hard Drive
Samsung 19″ SyncMaster Monitor
Cooler Master Heatsink & Fan
Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM Slot Load
HP ScanJet 3400Cxi Color Scanner
Windows ME
Already have:
Plextor 12/10/32 CD-RW
SoundBlaster Live! MP3 5.1
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB Mouse
HP DeskJet 810C
What I need/want/waiting to get:
Ethernet Card
ATI Raedon All-In-Wonder 32MB
Klipsch Promedia v2-400
Logitech Cordless Freedom Pro Keyboard/Mouse
Neo Classic Case w/ 350w Power Supply
256MB DDR Memory
It’s all sitting in a pile in my living room. This weekend I’ll have to take my computer apart to get the Soundcard and the CDRW. And then I need to head out to Fry’s or Best Buy to get the graphics card. I will probably take the modem and the ethernet card off too. I will have to wait a bit for the speakers and the keyboard/mouse. And I need to pray that this all works O.K. or I will be stuck with no computer. O.K. Now that the boys have settled down, maybe I can try to goto sleep again.
Current mood: sleepy
Current music: The Diary of Chyna Blasting on MTV

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