At work in the nude….yeah

At work in the nude….yeah right.
I am alone here, so everything goes.
Went back to school to pick up the van and to see Amber. She cut her hair short; it looks cute on her. I am still wary of the short cut on women, but Suzanne is going to do it, so I had better get use to it.
Amber gave me a bag of Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans (i.e. jelly beans from Jelly Belly). I was going to hold off, but I am slowly munching on them. Among some of the more interesting flavors in the pack are Black Pepper, Booger, Grass, Horseradish, and Sardine. I think that I will wait until I get home so that I can take pics of them before I taste them. The Booger one is the one that gots me thinking; Did they pick their noses to find out what a booger taste like? And then the new flavors coming this fall include Dirt, Mustard, and Vomit? YUM!!!!!!
I gave Amber the present I got for her at Barnes & Noble. It is a book called Lady Cottingtons Pressed Fairy Book. It’s a pretty funny book with some cool drawings/paintings of pressed faries. She loves it; and no, I am not sucking up for a raise. If I was doing that, then I would get some N*Sync tickets for her and her son to goto.
How bored am I at work? When I went home, I got my StarCraft CD to play here. except I forgot to get the CD-Key, so I can’t install it. It’s probably wise cause I need to read for my paper that’s due soon.
Saw theMaking The Video on MTV….OMG, can we talk about all the extensions in Christina’s hair. Christina gots music skills, and her makeup was good, but she just does not have the body to be a show-girl in that video. Little Kim was good and Mya and Pink were really good. Mya has a nice ass, but I think Pink has the better body and outfits.
O.K., back to do some work….
Just got a call, the warehouse will be closed tomorrow since Peter is sick, Tim is injured (he got into an accident down in L.A.) and Amber foot is broken. What does that mean? that means that every department will be faxing in their list now in a mad rush to get stuff over. **sigh** I had better get ready.
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