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Let’s see, where to begin. We spent last Saturday, which was Suzanne’s last day of work with her coworkers, Debbie and Cheryl. We went to Baskin Robbins in Fairfield and I was just a total terror to the trainne that was helping us. I am so bad to them when I goto Baskin Robbins. I’m not mean, I just ask for hard and difficult stuff. With this girl, I asked for a Strawberry Daquri Freeze. A freeze is just like a shake, except that they use either soda water or Sprite instead of milk. I guess they don’t make them anymore cause they are not on the menu, but I went ahead and asked for one anyway. She thought I was crazy or something. The other person who was working knew what I wanted, but she was with another customer. Well, I just decided to change my mind and so I ordered a Cappuchino Blast made with Mint Choc Chip instead of Vanilla. Again, the girl thought that I was psycho, but she was able to make it. The cool thing about trainies is that they are still not used to scooping the ice cream. They are only suppose to give you a 4oz scoop; but with trainies, you usually end up with a 6 – 10 oz scoop depending on how bad at scooping they are. Actually, I didn’t do my famous trick of asking for a scoop of World Class Chocolate. It is regular choc and white choc swirled together. The thing is that I just ask for the white part. GOD, it’s not that hard to get a scoop of the white part, but to some BR trainies, you’d think that I had ask them to solve a complex physics problem.
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