What I got done…

– unpacked everything
– rice is cooking in rice cooker; soup is heating up in pot; (bonus) fish sticks are cooking in oven
– room is mostly clean (I picked up everything, vacuumed, and dusted. The desk and the night stand are cluttered with stuff though
– cant take shower cause all of my towels are dirty
– didn’t do laundry.
– Suzanne was in the middle of cooking dinner, so I got 30mins extra.
Listening to the radio and I just love the new Eve/Gwen Stefani song. I’m also liking Missy Elliot’s new one, Git Your Freak On. Then there is this one that I hear on Rate The Music from Wycleff Jean called Perfect Gentleman (I think); I’ve only heard a 30 sec clip, but I love it. And then there is the new version of Lady Marmalade; which kicks butt, but I wish that I could hear the original by Patti LaBelle. Oops, time to check on the food and to call Suzanne
Current mood: hungry
Current music: Listening to KYLD Wild 94.9 on the radio

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