Crawling back into work

Oy Vey…..I did not feel like going to work this morning. I didn’t realize just how tired I was last night. But a quick shower and a Venti White Choc. Mocha f/Starbucks is making the morning a little easier. I just wish that I hadn’t left the rest of the Krispy Creme Doughnuts in the van for Peter. I’m really craving one now. I hope he shows up to work today.
Going through the mail (personal and work mail) and I can’t figure this out; I ordered three DVD’s from Two got shipped UPS and then two days later, the third one got shipped US Postal. Days later, I have the one that was shipped USPS, but the UPS ones are still in transit. I looked at the tracking and they got shipped all over the Midwest, before heading to California; Kansas, Nebraska,Oklahoma. Anyhow, at least the DVD’s are in CA and I should get them tommorow.
Anyway, I got the Tenchi DVD (Tenchi The Movie) and I can watch it tonight with Suzanne when she comes over. She needs to do her taxes and is going to use my copy of TurboTax. I might wait until the weekend to watch it though since I didn’t really do any reading while on vacation and I have a paper due next week.
Anyway, I need to dig through the stuff here to see what’s going on. At lunch, I’ll post the highlights from the trip.
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