It seems like I haven’t

It seems like I haven’t been posting that much. I have been posting, but usually my computer freezes up in the middle of a post and then I have to reboot. By time the computer has done a ScanDisk and stuff, I’ve lost my train of thought and therefore, no post. Can’t wait for a new computer.
I had a nice post on racism today, but since the computer froze, I can’t really remember it. It had to do with me walking back from Aikido and black people starring at me. I’m sure everybody was giving me looks, cause I’m walking with at Judo Gi on. But black people were just staring at me like, “Who the hell he thinks he is, some kind of black Bruce Lee or something?” I hate that so much. You think at this moment in time in the U.S., and esp. here in San Francisco, CA. that people would be over racism. I shouldn’t be so surprised; Matt (my roommate) is racist. When I told him that my roommate was Arabic (this was the one that I scared off, and actually he was Indian), Matt went into this whole spill about how Arabic are smelly and messy and how their food smells. Matt is a good guy, but needless to say, my respect for him has slipped quite a bit.
I was thinking about this one time that April (Filipino/Chinese) and I were in Oregon and we were the only non-white couple at this mall in Medford. The same thing happen later when I went back with Mew (Hawaiian/Japanese) and Ithica (Black). And then in my Koreans in America class, I know some of the people resented the fact that I considered myself Korean.
I think that my original post was better written, but you can get the gist of what I’m trying to say.
Anyway, I got 1.5 hrs before class and 3 hrs before my Reformation Midterm. I wonder which saint I would pray for if I was a Catholic?
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