Work has been ok so

Work has been ok so far today. I had to do all the lifting that I wanted the peons to do. But since Peter and Tim didn’t bring any back with them, I just decided to do it myself. It was a good workout and the room looks real good.
Mia called me on my cell phone. I need to give her a call and plan to do lunch with her. I think it will have to wait until Iget back from Washington though. I might be able todo it on Friday, but the question is, “Do I really want to leave the warehouse with just Peter and Tim?”
Been trying to call Suzanne, but the line has been buzy. I hope she is O.K.
Well, I think that I will head back upstairs and continue to clean and organize. Blah….I still need to study tonight for my midterm tomorrow in my Reformation class. I think Imight goto the library to study. Regardless on where I go, I am going to let myself be distracted, but maybe it will be less at the library. I really need to do good on this test.
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