In the process of rearranging my room, even though I should be doing more reading. The rearranging is not going well. The goal that I want is to still have a blank white wall that I can use for photo shots (if I ever get my lazy ass around to it), to get the bed far enough from the computer where I have to get up to use it (currently it is less than a foot from the bed.), yet close enough that I can still watch DVD’s. Right now the room is not looking good. All I’ve done is move the bed to the opposite corner of the computer. This is blocking the entrance to the walk in closet though; to get in you have to crawl over the bed. Tomorrow after classes I will see if I can fix the room somehow.
Has bad of a mess the room is, I love the fact that I can change the room if I like. With a roommate sharing the room it is hard to do something like this. I have been making the rounds with changes. Got the hair cut, which isn’t really a change; just a bad hair cut. But I do have the bleaching kit, which I should be using the next time I see Serraph.It might not seem like a big deal, but the fact that I’ve consented to letting Serraph bleach my hair is a big deal. In the third grade, my mom though she could save some money by cutting my hair. The thing is that she left a big bald spot on my head. I have never forgotten that and I won’t let anyone touch my hair except for a professional hair dresser with a license. O.K. I do let people play with my napps, but that’s more of a relaxation tool for them and for me. It sounds weird, but you have to try it to believe it.
Anyway, I can’t stay up too late tonight. Tomorrow I have aikido at 8am to make up for the days I missed last week. 2hrs of aikido; oh man am I going to be feeling it.
Current mood: discontent
Current music: New Order – Bizzare Love Triangle

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